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Devil’s Club

Oplopanax horridus, Araliaceae

According to legend, Tlingit (Pacific NW Natives) use began when a shaman observed bears wallowing in Devil’s Club roots to soothe their wounds. Devil’s club root fights inflammation and promotes healing. Many customers use this balm to fight arthritic pain, inflammation and general constant pain. Great for Everyday use. The following conditions and symptoms may be relieved with repeated use of Devil’s Club root: Arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Muscle, Knee & Joint aches and pains, Stiff necks, Eczema, Minor cuts and burns, Insect bites, Sunburn, Frostbite, Tattoo recovery, Poison ivy or sumac, Psoriasis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Of course use the oil and balms on irritating cuticle issues and moisturizing over- worked hands!