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Extreme Alaskan

My husband has been a longshoreman in Whittier, Alaska since 1997. Years of prolonged exposure to chafing winds, extreme temperature and high moisture levels left his fingers cracked, split, swollen and achy. For so long he tried remedies with ingredients of petroleum based synthetic products. While some of these balms would soothe his fingers, nothing would actually heal him. A Whittier Longshoreman is as extreme Alaskan as they come, and needs a salve just as extreme.

It finally dawned on me after using an essential oil balm that a friend’s mom had crafted….that I could use my years of self-taught study of oils and herbs to create the perfect herbal salve for him! A salve that would soak into the painfull cracks on his fingers without stinging, that would soothe the aches away, and start the healing process immediately. Over the next year I created a formula of Healing Essential Oils combined with nurturing Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Organically grown Herbs, and Foraged plants I found in Alaska’s woods and meadows all thickened with natural bees wax.
The successful recipe has since provided healing comfort for Extreme Alaskans in body and heart, near and far.
I combine the highest quality essential oils, herbs and carrier oils I can find. All of the herbs used in my salves and balms are harvested from my garden or wild-crafted from our local Alaskan wilderness. The Alaskan botanicals we forage have been a necessary staple to Native Alaskans for generations. I have been taught by our Elders that indeed our food should be our medicine and our medicine our food…that the strongest medicines are right out your front door…and one should harvest what they can when they can.

Although the creation of our “Extreme Alaskan” line of healing salves, balms, lotions and potions was formed out of necessity; the relief from skin irritations and ailments is a Necessary Luxury we should all afford.