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Necessary Luxuries

The vision of Silverbear Sundries and the desire to transform everyday necessities into little bits of luxury began over a decade ago. I was living in rural Willow Alaska, enjoying life as a wife and mother (I still am) raising a garden, a herd of llamas and a couple of loud milk goats. I have always enjoyed using Garden Herbs and Essential Oils, so I tried my hand at fresh goat cheese and then on to all-natural goat milk soap. There’s few things as luxurious as farmer’s cheese on whole-grain bread, not to mention the luxury of a hot shower using handmade foamy, silky soap. And just like that the tiny dream of an all-natural soaps and sundries line began. Not only have the products below been created with love and good intention, our deodorants, butters, balms and oils are all a part of our daily routines.