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Cotton Wood & Poplar Buds

by | Mar 30, 2020 | News | 0 comments

So gorgeous outside!
Sparking in the sun, Cottonwood & poplar buds are starting to weep their resins.
I use cottonwood/poplar oils in our Tree of Life, Dog care balm/oils and our Denali Balm & oil.
“Medicinal Uses:
The salicin in poplar buds has some action against fever and pain; the resin yields a terpene to which many therapeutic effects are attributed. (Spoerke)Poplar buds, used externally, are mild as a counterirritant or expectorant. Cottonwood bud tea is used for colds by Interior Alaskans. (Hall) Salve from the winter buds of P. balsamifera is simple to make. (See balm of Gilead procedure, following.) Lime villagers use this as medicine for a sore, rash, or frostbite. (Kari) The Menominees and Pillager Ojibwas rubbed the ointment on the nostrils or put it up the nose, allowing the balsamic vapors to course through the respiratory passages to relieve congestion from colds, catarrh, and bronchitis.”


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